Some homological properties of skew P BW extensions arising in non-commutative algebraic geometry

Autor: Helbert Javier Venegas Ramirez
Coautor(es): José Oswaldo Lezama-Helbert Javier Venegas
In this short talk we study for the skew P BW (Poincar´e-Birkhoff-Witt) extensions some homological properties arising in non-commutative algebraic geometry, namely, Auslander-Goresntein regularity, Cohen-Macaulayness and strongly noetherianity. Skew P BW extensions include a considerable number of non-commutative rings of polynomial type such that classical P BW extensions, quantum polynomial rings, multiplicative analogue of the Weyl algebra, some Sklyanin algebras, operator algebras, diffusion algebras, quadratic algebras in 3 variables, among many others. For some key examples we present the parametrization of its point modules.