CLAPEM 2019: Call for Contributions



The Congreso Latinoamericano de Probabilidad y Estadística Matemática (CLAPEM) is the official meeting of the
Sociedad Latino Americana de Probabilidad y Estadística Matemática (SLAPEM), the Latin American Chapter of the Bernoulli Society. It is the major event in Probability and Statistics in the region and it gathers an important number of researchers and students, predominantely from Latin America. It serves as a forum to discuss and to disseminate recent advances in the field, as well as to reveal the future of our profession.

The meeting will feature contributed sessions, both in oral (25-minute slots) and poster formats.

Themes called upon by the Program Committee are open-ended. Any topics in mathematical statistics and probability theory are welcome. These span, but are not limited to the following general types:

  •          Advances in basic research.
  •          Advances in applied research.
  •          Current and novel reviews of a research subject.
  •          Scientific insight on a topic.
  •          Developments stemming from subject matter in science, technology, and other areas.
  •          Modern viewpoints and emerging methodologies.

Submission Guidelines

All contributions will be in English, the official CLAPEM language.

The presenting author of an accepted contribution is expected to register fully to Congress in order to appear in the program.

Acceptance criteria exercised by the Program Committee will be based on innovation, the broadness of interest, or importance within the realm of mathematical statistics and probability theory.

If your contribution is based on a preprint available online or a published paper, please reference it in the abstract for the benefit of potential session attendees.

Submission of contributions

Authors may submit proposals for a contribution online here. Be prepared to provide the following information (in English):

  •          Name, affiliation, and email address of the author.
  •          Country of residence.
  •          Names and affiliations of co-authors.
  •          Title of the proposed contribution.
  •          A brief abstract (1000 characters) of the proposed contribution. Latex code is allowed in the text field. (Note: This may be a preliminary version. Definitive, finalized abstracts of accepted contributions will be requested at a later date.)
  •          The preferred mode or presentation (25 minutes talk or poster).
  •          Keywords, at least five.
  •          The general type classification for the contribution (Advances in basic research, in applied research, review of a research topic, etc.)


Important dates regarding contributions

Deadline for receiving contribution proposals online: May 10, 2019.
Final decisions regarding accepted contributions by the Program Committee: May 30, 2019.
Deadline for receiving finalized abstracts for publication in the book of abstracts: July 12, 2019.