52 years (a calendar round) of the Henkin-Ramirez kernel, a tribute to Professor Ramírez de Arellano's career


52 years (a calendar round) of the Henkin-Ramirez kernel,
a tribute to Professor Ramírez de Arellano's career

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The history of Cinvestav's Department of Mathematics is marked by the quality of its founders. We can mention three results associated with the department that revolutionised their respective fields: Adem relations discovered by Professor José Ádem, founder of the department, the Brown-Gitler Spectrum introduced by Professors Edgar H. Brown Jr. and Samuel Gitler, the latter also founder of the department, and the Henkin-Ramírez kernel discovered almost simultaneously in 1969 by Professors Gennadi M. Henkin and Enrique Ramírez de Arellano, while they were PhD students aged 27 and 32, respectively.

It has passed a 52-year Calendar Round (i.e., a Mayan century or two generations) since the discovery of the Henkin-Ramírez kernel, so it is now up to us to celebrate Professor Enrique Ramírez de Arellano's academic career.



Monday, September 20th, 2021

  • Welcoming remarks
    9:45am (GTM -5)
  • R. Michael Range
    University at Albany, SUNY, USA
    10:00am (GTM -5)

    From Cauchy, via Bochner-Martinelli and Leray, to the Henkin-Ramirez Kernel

  • R. Mike Porter
    Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico
    11:00am (GTM -5)

    A quaternionic version of the Mathieu functions

  • Nikolai Vasilevski
    Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico
    12:00pm (GTM -5)

    Poly-analytic function spaces

  • Eduardo S. Zeron
    Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico
    13:00pm (GTM -5)

    Removable Singularities and Devil Staircase Functions

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

  • John Erik Fornæss
    NTNU, Norway
    10:00am (GTM -5)

    Henkin-Ramirez kernels

  • Xavier Gómez-Mont
    CIMAT, Mexico
    11:00am (GTM -5)

    On the non-periodic part of the monodromy of plane curves singularities

  • Araceli Medina-Bonifant
    The University of Rhode Island, USA
    12:00pm (GTM -5)

    Rational Quadratic Real Maps

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

  • S. Alberto Verjovski
    UNAM, Mexico
    10:00am (GTM -5)

    Intersection of quadrics in ℂn, convex polytopes, complex manifolds and toric varieties

  • Josué Ramírez Ortega
    Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico
    11:00am (GTM -5)

    Núcleos Reproductores, Espacios y Operadores de Toeplitz

  • Fermín Acosta Magallanes
    IPN, México
    12:00pm (GTM -5)

    Estimates for the Cauchy-Riemann equations on singular complex spaces

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

  • Joseph J. Kohn
    Princeton University, USA
    10:00am (GTM -5)

    Solutions of PDE’s and resolution of singularities

  • Lino F. Reséndis
    UAM, Mexico
    11:00am (GTM -5)

    Bicomplex Bergman Projection

  • Luis Manuel Tovar
    IPN, Mexico
    12:00pm (GTM -5)

    Bicomplex Cousin’s Problems I and II

  • Enrique Ramirez de Arellano
    Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico
    13:00pm (GTM -5)

    Title to be announced